TX7110 Intelligent Heat Detector

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TX7110 Intelligent Heat Detector

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1Feature and Benefits

EN54-5 Compliance
Using microprocessor technology with memory capacity up to 10 events
Analogue sensor and digital addressing
Provide real time algorithm to the control panel
360 degree visual indicator
Onsite Adjustable Parameter
Ancillary remote indicator output
Aesthetically pleasing design

2Technical Specification 


LPCB Approval



Input Voltage

24VDC [16V to 28V]

Current Consumption


0.6mA, Alarm



TNA, Value range from 1 to 254

Heat Class Type



Single LED / 360 degree Visual

Material / Colour

ABS / White Glossy finishing

Dimension / Height

Diameter 99.7 mm / 57 mm


127g (with Base), 72g (without Base)

Operating Temperature

-10°C to +50°C


0 to 95% Relative Humidity, Non condensing

3 Clean

Remove the detector cover by snooping away the four sides tabs using a flat screw driver and then pulling the cover from the base.
Remove the protective screen by pulling it straight out.
Carefully vacuum the chamber and screen. If there is stain, wash with running water and ensure it is completely dry.
Position the chamber and screen by aligning three tiny holes over the sensing component.
Align the LED tube and tabs and gently pushing the cover until it locks into place.
Re-install and test the detector.



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